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All training with us has to start with an assessment. This is to assess the dog, history, relationship and issues, along with the severity of said issues, so we can get a much better idea of what we're working with and create a plan that suits yours and your dogs's needs. It's absolutely vital we do this to give the best chance of success.

A lot of places will use what's called a 'cookie-cutter' programme.That's not us. We understand that one size definitely doesn't fit all. In fact, not a single dog has we've worked with has had the exact same programme, that's because understandably, they're all different and as such, the approach needs to be too. It's by analysing the dog & human relationship and creating a programme tailored around both, that enables us to achieve the best possible results in the shortest time. The location of the assessment will vary from place to place or even at home, depending on the situation. It will be advised after we've had a good chat with you as to which is best.

Please note, it is vital that you are open and honest at all times. We will never judge. It's imperative we get as much information leading up to and during us working with you.


 Assessments start at the standard rate of £110 but please get in touch for a personal quotation. Email or message us on our FB page with as much information as possible and we will give a quote based on a number of factors as to how long the assessment will likely last and where it's best to take place. 

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