I have been working in dog training for 45 years. I have been full time in training and behaviour for 17 years, so have met a LOT of dog trainers and behaviour folks. In all that time I have found only a few people I would trust enough with my own dogs. Recently I went away and needed someone to take responsibility for my own 3 dogs. One has brain damage and as a result, special needs. I chose Gareth. Well actually my dogs chose him. There was a clear and immediate understanding and affection toward Gareth the moment they met him. When I returned form my holiday I found my dogs content, happy and relaxed in this mans charge. 

I have enormous respect for Gareth's past experience of dogs and his unique, approach to dogs. He has followed his own path of understanding dogs through experience and it has paid off brilliantly. I spend my life watching dogs and dog people interact and I see a very special 'something', in Gareth. A something that few people have or few people ever attain. 

I thoroughly recommend Gareth, his approach, his open minded views and his commitment to dogs is outstanding. And when I go away on holiday again? I will once again ask Gareth if he can care for my dogs. 

Connor, Cherry + Karma

I was made aware of Gareth Rees from a dog walker who was bitten by my dog Hector when she removed his muzzle after a walk, although she had been instructed not to remove it. Hector was around 8 to 9 years in age and was barking when being left. My neighbour complained to Environmental Health so I needed to get on top of what was happening. I found that it was Hector. I called in Gareth and he came to do a house visit. There were a couple of issues with Hector. One was the barking when I was out and the other was he tended to be aggressive to people coming into the house for many years, more towards men than women. Gareth arrived and Hector was barking continuously at Gareth. Gareth stood there and ignored Hector, explaining his behaviour to me. After about an hour Hector layed down and allowed Gareth to make some fuss of him, which he got on the floor to do.

Initially, the three dogs were taken for a walk together for an hour and their behaviour on the lead began to improve, and this was noticed by some of my neighbours. Gareth advised that Hector would benefit from day care, so he and Oscar went to day care and Martha was left on her own. When I left the house I would put the muzzle on Hector so that Gareth was safe. A few days in I got three pictures sent over my mobile phone. One of Hector in his muzzle, the next without. It took a few moments for it to dawn on me the big step that had occurred. From that day on Hectors behaviour improved immensely as he now had someone he could trust. He was out all day running and playing with the other dogs. It was rare for him to sit still.

 Martha’s problem was that she attacked any smaller dog and found it difficult to be part of the “pack”. Gareth has worked on her behaviour and she now joins in with other dogs and although she is fascinated by smaller dogs, I am able to get her attention and lead her away from possible confrontations. This is on-going and I am following advice given by Gareth and I am much more confident about walking her off lead when other dogs are around. 

Oscar was quite a timid dog as his environment had been mainly in my house and garden. Gareth suggested doing some agility sessions with Oscar. He has so much more confidence and now will almost do a whole course off lead (missing only one obstacle now). Without his work, the dogs would have been rehomed. Unfortunately Hector developed a heart problem a year later and he supported me getting him through this until his back legs finally went and he supported me through the process of having him put to sleep. He was there to say goodbye to Hector which meant a lot me.

Hector, Oscar & Martha

Gareth’s positive approach to dog behaviour training, his calm and patient demeanour, and genuine love for dogs meant that he built a bond with our three dogs (all rescues) exceptionally quickly and this truly brought out the best in them. One of our dogs is nervous around new people and Gareth helped us to read and anticipate her behaviour in order to understand how to address it, with his guidance, in a positive and successful way. More specifically, this involved being able to walk past strangers, especially men, without her showing any anxiety or urge to bark, which she would do before we worked with Gareth. As a result, we are more relaxed as dog owners and have a greater bond with our dog.

Our two other dogs, despite getting plenty of exercise and being on a healthy diet, can get very excitable at times, especially when their energy levels are raised. Gareth introduced a number of training techniques to help channel this energy into something more positive and focussed, such as mental stimulation tasks and agility. My dogs are now much more composed around other dogs and we also have a better connection with them as Gareth has helped us to anticipate any behaviour change so we can address it in a positive way.

Gareth believes in educating the owners as much as the dogs and it is this approach to his work, along with his knowledge and understanding of what makes dogs tick, that makes him stand out as an expert in dog behaviour modification. My husband and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Gareth’s services to anyone seeking help with their dog

Red, Sid & Winston

Gareth has helped us with our staff cross lab. He has helped us control him off the lead and given us the best advise. Without spending too much time with Lewi he is a much better dog on and off the lead. Gareth looks after Lewi when we go on holiday and also has him for day care frequently. Every time Lewi comes back he is well exercised and happy. I would recommend gareth to anyone who wants to train their dogs. He has helped us make Lewi the amazing dog he is today! Great value and honest and helpful service!

I can't believe how much better behaved Titan is, you are amazing with him, he has stopped trying to attack me every time he seen me to being a loving dog that now don't try eating my feet. He absolutely loves his weekly walks with you and also now likes our postman ! Thank you from us and Titan

Gareth clearly knows his stuff, and is equally excellent at training the dog's human companions as he is the pooch. 6yo Tegan went from mauling every dog in sight to walking peaceably alongside Gareth's calm dog in the space of 15 minutes. Highly recommended.

Highly recommend!! Wouldn't go anywhere else for my dog/future dogs to be trained, after seeing the results with my beagle cross. Very happy :)

Gareth has worked wonders with Dozer and us too. Cant believe how quickly he got Dozer out of his bad habits. He is a much calmer dog now. Gareth is an excellent trainer, who knows how to read animals' behaviour and teaches you how to deal with your animals problems. Thank you Gareth.

Amazing behavior work done by GR training.. very thorough and tailored to suit my zack and the family itself. Massive improvements and sensible techniques used with almost immediate results. Very impressed with the approach and professionalism. Strongly recommend for any issues with a trusted behaviourist and all other dog related needs and advice

I have no hesitation in using Gareth's services. He is very skillful in what he does and I trust him implicitly, with my Dog Audrey. Keep up the good work Gareth!!!

Gareth has been amazing with me and penny, He's very friendly, easy going and understanding and has helped me loads in learning her behaviours and how to control her and train her to be how she is today( little bit of work still needed lol). She loves playing with his dogs chey and sam but especially Bailey! Penny has stayed with Gareth a couple of times and he has taken amazing care of her, I trust him fully with her and I am so grateful for all he's done. He really knows what hes talking about and its clear from the the visable change I can see in her. Thank you!!


I have known Gareth for almost 2 years now - through my employing his services - and have found him to be professional and trustworthy at all times. His honesty is admirable - for example when delivering unpalatable news on how my behaviour was adversely affecting my dog - and he cares deeply about the work he does and the dogs he looks after. Gareth has worked extensively with my 'Sprockador' Enzo (a Springer Spaniel/Cocker Spaniel/Labrador mix) over the last year and a half. He has spent at least two full days a week with Enzo and has rehabilitated him, transforming my originally nervous and hyper dog into a happy, calm and trustworthy one. Enzo has been quite a complicated challenge for Gareth - Enzo's fears and separation problems compounded with his exceptionally high energy levels lead him to being a difficult dog to control. A frightening experience at the vet when Enzo was 8 weeks old meant that he was hugely protective of his tail and hind-quarters, both with dogs and humans, and he had bitten dogs and people as a defense several times. That coupled with my inexperience with dogs had lead to considerable problems. Gareth worked with Enzo over many months to build up his trust, and they came to share a very strong bond. I am now able to understand my dog thanks to Gareth, whose interpretations and explanations of dog behavior, and subsequent advice, have been as helpful as his practical work.

The reason I started taking my dog to Gareth was that I saw first hand, whenever we met during dog walks which crossed, how well controlled all the dogs were that he walked with, no matter which dogs or how many he had with him. His techniques and training were always perfectly illustrated by his canine charges and persuaded me that I could not find a better trainer. Getting to know Gareth over the months has only enhanced this initial observation. Gareth has worked with Enzo's fear of meeting new dogs too. I am now confident that I can take Enzo anywhere off lead and he will greet strange dogs appropriately and confidently and without any fear or defensiveness.

Gareth has incredible control over dogs and a wonderful way with them. He is always calm and I have never heard him shout at a dog or indeed raise his voice. He is clearly the 'pack leader' and the dogs are so eager to please him - Enzo especially. He has channeled Enzo's huge energy into many pursuits, including agility training and canicross work. He has done scent training with Enzo too, all of which challenge my dog and have ensured that he has become responsive and keen. Enzo now knows his place in our home and everywhere we go. This was essential as Enzo was disrespecting my young son and refusing to do anything my son told him. Gareth is incredibly patient. Enzo had a real fear of getting into the front of a car following an incident in which his tail was trapped. Gareth spent literally hours a day over many weeks leading him in and out of the boot and footwells and building up his confidence around vehicles again. If put in the boot, Enzo became territorial, barking madly and even lunging at whoever was coming close in a very threatening way. Once again Gareth worked for hours with great intelligence, dealing with Enzo's behavioural issues in a way that I could mirror so that we could help my dog amend his response in these situations. In summary, I strongly recommend Gareth for any work which involves handling, training and understanding dogs".


My 12 week old puppy, Murphy is currently undergoing Gareth's puppy program. Murphy was your typical puppy when I brought him home, he liked to chew EVERYTHING, including my hands and arms but Gareth was quick to get him out of that. With lots of guidance from Gareth, Murphy is walking perfectly on the lead as well as off the lead which was one of my main priorities due to the size he is going to grow (he is a Tibetan mastiff X). Sit, lay down and paw are all things Murphy learned very quickly and seems eager to learn more. Murphy is socialised as much as possible with people and other dogs but he's taken a special liking to Gareth's 3 dogs, Chey, Sam and especially Bailey! He has regular play sessions with the 3 and 1 to 1 work which he really is benefiting from- he comes home with better behaviour each time and is becoming more and more obedient. Yesterday a neighbour said to me "you have got him very well trained already" while I was playing with him in the garden- I really owe this to Gareth for the massive amount of help and support in getting Murphy where he is today! Plenty of updates to follow! Thank you Gareth!


Gareth worked with my 15 month old lab pup, Charlie. Charlie's recall was poor and he would pull on the lead but after a lead walking/recall session with Gareth, there was a huge difference in his behaviour whilst out walking. Not only could I see the difference but it was noticed by friends and family too. Gareth is very good and thorough in what he does and I would definitely use his services again. Happy dog= happy owner!


Gareth met my dog Bolt yesterday for the first time to help me with his behaviour on the lead and with other dogs. After just one hour with him, Bolt now doesn't pull on the lead at all. I walked him today and the first dog we seen I used the technique he showed me and there wasn't even a reaction! Yesterday prior to our session Bolt was trying to attack other dogs and today he was the perfect dog. So grateful to Gareth for his patience with myself and Bolt. Would highly recommend to anyone with any problem with their dog!


I was seeking help for my 18 month old Puggle's behaviour ,after attending Dog training classes which did not work for Oscar.

After Gareth's visit I have noticed a big difference Oscar's behaviour. Oscar was a very stubborn and highly energetic young dog before Gareth came along. Within two hours I noticed a huge difference , Oscar now only sits on the sofa when being called, and is no longer the boss of the house! With a little more work and using the tips and tools Gareth has shown me I am sure his behaviour will continue to improve.

Gareth is clearly well educated in his field and I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking help with their dog. Wish I had come to Gareth when I was first seeking advice , worth every penny - Thanks Becky and Oscar


Gareth recently came to our house to help us with our 2 year old labrador Yoda that is quite aggressive to us at home and possessive with certain areas of the house. Gareth would know about Yoda's issues before coming to our house as he asked us to fill a very comprehensive form with the dog's habits and problems.

Once with us, he understood very quickly why Yoda behaves like that and explained us how to deal with those situations, during the time he spent with us we could see how the improvement in Yoda's behaviour with his methods. 

We are now confident on what are the steps we need to take to improve our relationship with Yoda so we are very grateful to Gareth and recommend his services.


Gareth has had my 5 month old Labrador, Bale, for 2 overnight stays. I am always kept up to date with his stay with photos. Bale has looked like he has thoroughly enjoyed himself and always comes home a very happy pup! 

Highly recommend Gareth!


My little pup Otis has been going and spending a day a week with Gareth and he loves it! Gareth has really helped socialise Otis and with various training issues. Every week I have photos sent through of Otis enjoying his time playing with other dogs and am always kept informed of how he is getting on. 

Can't recommend it enough!!


Gareth has a natural affinity with dogs and worked wonders with my German Shepherd and Rhodesian Ridgeback. My German Shepherd liked to bully my Ridgeback, who is 8 years younger.  She would chase him to stop him playing with other dogs and reprimand him by giving him the odd nip.  This was problematic as not only did it ruin our walks, but often damaged my Ridgeback’s skin due to his fine coat. 

 Gareth worked on correcting the behaviour before it happened by watching closely and anticipating her next reaction.  This was done in a variety of ways - using simple voice correction and also using a very long training lead.  He also praised her whenever she displayed positive behaviours so that she was able to better understand what was expected of her. As well as training the dogs on site, Gareth gave me the advice I needed on how to continue the training at home.

This consistency has been key to ensuring enduring and positive change in both dogs.  Thank you Gareth. 

Stanley & Marla

We got Gareth in to help with our German Shepherd Dog who, despite being a loving dog, was very responsive towards other dogs whilst on walks.

 This made it hard for us to enjoy taking her out. Gareth has already shown us a great improvement with her in such a short time. And Willow has found a lifelong friend! Would recommend Gareth to anyone with a problem dog or even just for walks


Gareth is really, really good. After the assessment he told us we didn't need anymore sessions - not like other businesses who keep you going just to have the money, stringing you along. Gareth is in the business to help the pet and owner. My dog was really comfortable with him and really calm while he was here. I would highly recommend Gareth with your pet if you have any issues with your dog, he is excellent. Thank you Gareth!


We had a problem with Ember jumping up excited on people. After one session with Gareth, it pretty much disappeared even through another dog trainer couldn’t sort it. She’s only jumped up once since that first session. Ember also goes to Gareth’s doggy daycare sessions and can see she loves it. She’s comes home exhausted! Would highly recommend Gareth to anyone!


Gareth has been helping me to control Baxters meercat technique when on a lead. He's been amazing. There was an improvement after the first session and it gets better every day. We can now walk without people laughing at me being walked by a crazy Cocker. 
I was worried that Baxters amazing energy levels and 'craziness' would disappear but if anything we have even more fun now. Baxter really enjoys the sessions, as do I, and we are already planning to undertake further training with Gareth.


Gareth has been working with me and honey for a while now and the transformation in her is amazing, her confidence levels have increased and her reactivity has nearly gone. I've learnt a few techniques that have made walking so much more easier, no more sniffing at anything and everything and no more pulling. Would highly recommend to anyone.


Gareth is absolutely amazing with dogs. He's been helping Eva overcome her anxiety after a bad start in life. She's coming on heaps and bounds and it gives me great comfort knowing that she's in good hands and learning a lot when I'm working. She's going to be a big dog and I'm so glad Gareth is there to help me train her so she becomes the perfect family member.


Would highly recommend, after one full session I could see the difference in chucks walking in busy places already. Looking forward to another session very soon!


Gareth brought a dog in and showed me an example of a trust building exercise with the dog and the result was instant! Within two minutes, the dog did exactly what Gareth wanted to do! 
Gareth has also helped me get a better understanding of my own 7 year old Malamute with regards to how to control separation anxiety etc! 
I would HIGHLY recommend Gareth without hesitation!


Lilly and Daisey go every week to daycare with Gareth and absolutely love it , they are only 7mnths old and get so excited when gareth picks them up . They have plenty of excercise , rest and fun at daycare . And i love the feedback and updates after every session . Thank you Gareth for yet another great time.

Lilly & Daisy

We are still amazed at how quickly Gareth helped us modify Marshall’s behaviour. Our cute sausage dog became a terror when a new baby was brought into the house and after 6 months of trying to manage things ourselves we called Gareth. Within 30 minutes of the initial consultation Gareth had explained the problem and trained us how to stop Marshall from jumping and barking. He gave us advice and helped us develop confidence in having the baby and dog in a room together. Marshall has also attended day care and the improvement in his behaviour has continued; he is calmer and much more sociable. Gareth is clearly passionate about dogs and we would highly recommend his training services. Our only regret is not calling him sooner!


I would like to say a big Thank you to Gareth for help he has given us with Belle our Lab cross. She had a bad start in life and was very fearful with other dogs, also pulled terrible on the lead. She now walks lovely on her lead, even sitting quietly and calmly to have her lead put on. Belle also walks pass other dogs on her lead without bother. Would highly recommend, he has a wonderful personality, so much patience and experience, he is a natural.


Gareth is a very professional, knowledgeable and caring trainer.
I own Crazy Tails grooming services and many of my clients also use GR dog training services and can not recommend him enough. 
Keep up the great work x


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The improvement with Blue has been great - she would rarely return when called, especially if other dogs / owners were about. After 2/3 sessions she was showing a massive change, with only making a few changes to our walking routine. Can’t recommend Gareth enough! 


I'm so pleased with Gareth, I've got a shi-tzu that has problems with biting us. After an eight hour course, what a difference after one session! I'm so pleased I've booked my dog in for doggy care, I would recommend gr training to anybody. Well done Gareth, we're so pleased with your professionalism.


Highly recommend Gareth, he helped with my dogs separation anxiety massively. 
Was very helpful over the phone initially then during the session he stayed until the problem was resolved, plus he kept in touch afterwards checking to see if all was ok.
Thank you Gareth


After glowing reviews from my sister on how Gareth has helped her dog with his anxiety issues and seeing how much he enjoys his time at daycare, I started sending my cocker spaniel Benny to Gareth every so often so that he could enjoy time socialising with other dogs and really stretch his legs, and Benny absolutely loves it! he gets excited as soon as I mention Gareths name and is always knackered when he gets home from playing all day. I like the updates and videos that Gareth posts through the day, you can see quite clearly the dogs are having a whale of a time, would definitely recommend!!


Riley roo (!) Is loving her day care time. She's never really known how to behave around other dogs, but on this evening's walk she had a little excity tail and didn't make too much of a fuss. Thanks so much, Gareth


Excellent Gareth and Stacey are brilliant with my two River and Henry. It’s helping River so much and Henry loves meeting new friends

River & Henry

Gareth is excellent! Completely knows his stuff. Saw a massive improvement in ted just After an hour assessment! Today Gareth brought chey around and usually I'm pretty nervous when Ted meets new dogs. But I have so much confidence in Gareth that he made me and my furbaby relaxed. Can't wait for the next session x


Our collie dog Charlie has been going to Gareth weekly for about a month now but already the improvements we’ve seen in his behaviour are just incredible! He’s listening to us more and we’ve been able to take him off lead in quieter areas, something we never imagined we could do! Not only is Charlie’s behaviour improved, but so is ours. Gareth has helped us to understand Charlie’s behaviours, and adjust our ways of reacting to him too. Charlie gets so excited when we tell him who we’re off to see, and comes home shattered every single time! Being a collie who has a short attention span he definitely still has a ways to go with his training, but we’re more than confident that Gareth can shape him into a well mannered collie 


I was in work one day talking about struggling with day care for my Dalmatian Willow when my husband and I are both working day shifts when A friend of mine recommended Gareth at GR dog school so I thought I’d send Gareth a message and explain to him in detail about Willow and asked whether he would be able to help. 
I have to admit I was very nervous about the first time Gareth had Willow. I think it’s natural to worry as you don’t know how your pup is going to behave, or whether she is going to be really looked after in the way you want her to be treated. Needless to say, I didn’t need to worry! Within a few hours of Gareth having Willow I was showed loads of photos/videos of my pup having a whale of a time and mixing well with all the other dogs. 

We are also really pleased with the pick-up / drop-off service. Gareth picks willow up at 9am and she comes home at 5pm a very happy, content and tired dog. Gareth also listened to us when we explained to him that Willow was having a few off days and she was quite tired so he didn’t push her and let her mingle with other dogs if she wanted, or sleep if she preferred. I don’t know what it is with Gareth but he seems to have a natural infinity with dogs. Since Willow has been attending “school” she is a completely different pup. We no longer have the pulling on the lead crazy girl she used to be but A loving, gentle giant. 

Gareth and his team are faultless, committed and probably the best dog carers I have ever come across. I would highly recommend him to anyone and I’m so glad he was recommended to us. GR really Is a 5* service!


We’re really grateful to Gareth and GR Dog Training for their help in tackling behavioural issues with our dog Bruno. A large, energetic Podenco with a high prey drive, he was very difficult to walk on the lead. He would tug and drag very badly and lunge towards the ground to sniff things – and also appeared very anxious - screaming and yelping at dogs, cats, birds and people. Gareth came to meet him and see him walk with us to observe his reactions and behaviour and then started a set of sessions with us and Bruno to tackle these behaviours as they occurred. Gareth also showed us how to walk him in a much more relaxed manner that simultaneously allowed us and him to feel less stressed walking, and how to quickly cut short reactive shouts and distractions – if not to pre-empt and avoid them completely.

We also met up with Gareth and his dogs in busier walking spots to expose Bruno to meeting and experiencing more dogs and people and to make such situations more normal and less stressful to him. We also arranged with Gareth to take him out on some of his other walks; again with him getting to meet and walk with others and to make him more socialised.

We now have a far more manageable dog – a massive and positive difference, who is a lot more comfortable walking and who has lost much of his anxiety whilst out on walks – and now looks like he enjoys it far more than he used to. He is far less reactive now, and much more easily managed / set right when he does react, and it is easy to quickly get him peaceful and relaxed and walking again.
Gareth and GRDT have definitely helped Bruno a lot, and that has of course helped us too in being able to enjoy walking with him and to see a much calmer, happier dog.


Absolutely fabulous. So glad I heard about Gareth. He has worked wonders with my rottie in a few short weeks. She’s gone from being reactive to becoming calmer & playful around other dogs and making ‘friends’. Can’t recommend them enough. The difference it’s making too her...and me! Truly thankful 



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