Our highly sought after Training based daycare.

We've built up quite a rep for helping the really problematic dogs, and although we were getting fantastic results, we noticed owners were still struggling for care when they were at work or away, so we developed our number one service - Training Days. Our behavioural experience combined with an already successful training programme developed over a few years, meant we could provide fun, fulfilment and an exceptional high standard of training encompassing a vast amount of areas AND exercise, all in one convenient, affordable service.

It's also the go-to-service if you're at work all day, have a very energetic dog, just need a day to yourself or whatever reason. At GR Dog Training, our days are training-based and whilst with us, your dogs will receive everything they'd ever need. Exercise, lots of playtime, any behaviour work started/continued as well as basic training, but most of all, FUN! With us, your beloved pooch will get to meet dogs of all different shapes, sizes and breeds and it's especially helpful for dogs with low confidence. We've seen loads arrive nervous, scared or anxious and flourish into happy-go-lucky dogs who LOVE attending - Just ask their owners! Pick-up and drop-off service is also available!


Our prices are based on the age of the dog. This is because dogs learn different things at different stages, require more care at different ages and goes in line with our programme to enable them to learn at their best capacity. We offer discounts for block bookings in the same week. Below you'll see the age, the price per single day and the offers for multiple days


£40 per day

3 for £100 or 4 for £130 or 5 for £160


£30 per day

3 for £90, 4 for £110 or 5 for £120


£25 per day

3 for £70, 4 for £90 or 5 for £100


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