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Covering all areas of obedience. Recall, sits, downs, you get the idea. Click me to find out more!

Obedience is at the forefront of a well behaved dog. We teach everything from basic commands like sit, down, place, lead work, recall, to advanced behaviours like duration work (staying in command for a length of time), distraction work (doing a command regardless of distraction, e.g in a shopping centre or park), impulse control (resisting urge to act on impulse, e.g stealing food thats dropped, breaking place command when the door is knocked, you get the idea.

Our sessions are fun, informative and we teach you as much as the dog. Please get in touch to find out whether this is the right option for you, as behaviour problems aren't always solved by obedience training alone.


As always, below is the price per session and block bookings. We currently do not offer courses as we find 1-2-1 gives a more personal service and better results with our sole attention on you.


£90 per session


5 sessions for £390

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