Training Days

This is the go-to-service if you're at work all day, have a very energetic dog, just need a day to yourself or whatever reason. At GR Dog Training, our days are training-based and whilst with us, your dogs will receive everything they'd ever need. Exercise, lots of playtime, any behaviour work started/continued as well as basic training, but most of all, FUN! With us, your beloved pooch will get to meet dogs of all different shapes, sizes and breeds and it's especially helpful for dogs with low confidence. We've seen loads arrive nervous, scared or anxious and flourish into happy-go-lucky dogs who LOVE attending - Just ask their owners! Pick-up and drop-off service is also available!


If your dogneeds help with a specific physical or behavioural issue, Behaviour Consulting with GR Dog Training may be a great option for you. Sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home or at an agreed place or setting, with personalised plans to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. These sessions are designed for problems such as boisterousness, barking, counter-surfing, aggression, fears and phobias etc, you get the idea.  We also offer hourly sessions, which are here for problems that might not require a full consultation, a 'top-up' or if you are constrained for time. Get in touch to see whether this would be the best option for you. Please note: I will advise [from experience] whether the hourly or full consult is the best option when contacted


Dog Walking is a useful service to help your dogs get that extra little exercise. I work with my clients and their animals to implement my proven problem solving process. I know you have a busy schedule, so I will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.


Obedience training is the foundation for a well mannered dog and can improve your dog's behaviour immensely. Whether its a session a week or more, it'll go a long way to help shaping your perfect dog. We can offer lead work, recall, tricks and more!


At work? Got a senior dog? Dog not allowed out due to medical reasons? Whatever the situation, I can provide an invaluable Check-In service where I visit your dog/s in their home. During that time I can play with, feed them, give them a short walk, let them out to the toilet and generally spend time with them and anything else you want whilst you're out. Perfect for giving your dog what it needs when you're not at home.


House sitting is a unique and increasingly popular service for your dogs and is the perfect solution for when you go away and don't want to leave your dog in a kennel. It involves me staying with the dog in their own home, starting/continuing behaviour work or training and providing 24 hour care to both dog and home.

2 for the price of 1 and for not much more than the price of a kennel. That, combined with behaviour/training work produces massive savings and much better results in regards to training as I do all the work! References are available on request.


Pack walks are a great way to get much needed controlled socialisation, extra training and handling skills, meet the other dog owners (and make some new friends!), and have fun!


Can't get to the vets? Want to take your pet to the beach or see family or to just take her out with you but have no transport?  This is your answer!

I can safely transport you and your pets to wherever you need to go for a VERY competitive price - get in touch for more information or a quote!


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