I've always had a passion for dogs, since I was little. Through the years that passion grew. I just didn't know how to put it into place. It was around 2011 that I stumbled upon a few dog trainers. I couldn't believe what those guys were achieving, seeing what they were doing with dogs and their owners and helping in the way that I wanted to, It was that moment that my passion exploded. I made the leap to pursue it full time, with the aim to help every dog my eyes came across. No backup plan, I quit my full time job and went for it. Since then I've drawn inspiration from and studied the greats like Sean O Shea, Cesar Millan, Jeff Gellman, Gary Wilkes, Larry Krohn and more.


I've been working with dogs for over 9 years now, and in that time have worked with almost every type of problem you can think of! My experience stems greatly from watching the dogs themselves, but also from different courses too. I've built the reputation for helping dogs that others have failed with, and I never give up!


I founded GR Dog Training in 2016, and since then it has developed a great reputation in South Wales and beyond for not only helping the severe cases, but for our highly sought after Training Days, which has shown time and time again to give dogs of all ages (particularly puppies!) the best training into a happy, well behaved and reliable dog through an in-depth programme tailored to each individual dog.


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